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Outstanding Bride Terms of Use Agreement

Effective Date: October 20, 2012

Service Outstanding Bride, www.osbride.com (the “Website”). By registration on our site you agree with the given terms of the usage (hereinafter «Agreement»). By registration on the site you become a user (hereinafter «Member»). If you disagree with the terms of this agreement, then you can`t access the website or  provided services (hereinafter «Services»). An agreement can be changed any time and becomes valid from the moment of its publication on the site. If you continue to use services after amendments to the agreement, that means you accept these amendments.

Acceptance of terms of Use Agreement.

Electronic agreement.

This agreement is an electronic contract which establishes obligatory terms of using the web-site and providing services on this site. This Agreement can be changed by us from time to time, amendments become valid from the moment of its publishing on the site. This agreement includes Data Protection Guidelines, returning policy, subscription and notification policy. By registration on the site you accept this agreement and agree with its terms.

Electronic Form.

Surfing the site or registering, you agree with this agreement, supplied in electronic form.

Determination of the agreement.

You`re entitled to determine this agreement, provided in electronic form any time.


Your age should be not under eighteen (18), you should be lonely, a widower or divorced/ live apart from your wife, to register and use services of the website. Your registration on the site means you are 18 and above, you`re lonely, a widower, divorced/ live apart from your wife. Using the website you proclaim and guarantee you`re entitled to conclude this agreement and to observe all the terms of this agreement.

Membership and pricing.

You become a member of the website absolutely free. You freely get your personal account. You`ll be able to take part in every services, available within the initial stage of use. Some services are excluded, to have a possibility of using these services, it`s necessary to obtain credits at the price of costs, fixed on the site.

Refund Policy.

Payment for Credit purchase is non-refundable. Similarly fees charged for one Service may not be credited towards other Services. In addition to the guiding principles  there may be specific credit refund criteria for individual Services. These criteria are part of the Refund Policy contained in these Master Terms of Use. If you encounter any problem with a particular service provider or lady when using our Services, you may refer to Terms of Use before informing us of the problem. In order for us to carry out prompt investigation and handle the case effectively, please be reminded that you have to inform us of the service provider ID or lady member ID and any other supporting information or proof that may be available. Once your case is proved to fall within one of the mentioned refundable situations, your refund will be effected immediately.


This agreement becomes valid while you`re staying on the site and using its services. You can stop using the site any time and for any reason. As well your use of the website and its services, providing by the site, can be stopped by us. We can stop your usage of the site by means of notification you on your email, which you have supplied us in the moment of registration on the site.


Some services can be provided to the website by separate subsidiaries. The site demands all the subsidiaries hold information in confidence with respect to the information about a member.

Noncommercial use.

The site is intended for the personal use and can`t be used in connection with any commercial activity. Illegal use of the website, including picking of the members` names, email addresses or by any other means with the purpose of sending them undesirable mail is prohibited and in the case of occurrence there can be taken appropriate juridical, civil or criminal measures.

Security of the member area.

You bear responsibility for the preservation of the information, as well as for the name and password. You bear responsibility for all actions which take place in your member area, on the website from your name. You shall agree immediately inform us about any illegal access in your member area. Make sure you leave your profile after each session and other people can`t access on your computer your profile. You should be careful while using data for the access on the common computer.

Your interaction with other members.

You bear full responsibility for your interaction with other members of the site. We try to check IP addresses, as well as thoroughly check lots of women`s documents. Nevertheless, we don`t give any guarantees regarding accuracy of the information, given to us by the members. We don`t give any guarantees regarding behavior of the members. We don`t bear any responsibility for any losses, direct or indirect, general, willful, compensatory owing to the using of the maintenance, including without restriction physical injuries, emotional stress and/or any other loss, caused owing to the using of services or meetings with the registered members. You agree to take reasonable precautions at all interactions with other members of the site, especially if you decided to organize a private meeting. We don`t give any guarantees regarding to your final compatibility with a person, whom you`ll meet with the help of the website. You`re not obliged to make available any financial information (credit card, bank account) for other members.

Content on the Website.

Right of ownership.

We have all the rights on the website and services, granted by the site. Material on the site is copyrighted, trade mark, logo, software and another confidential information («Intellectual property»), excluding the information that is in common use. You can`t copy, change, transfer, publish, spread or sell any of such intellectual property.


Requests, offers, opinions and other information, available via the website, but is not our property, is an ownership of corresponding authors. Such authors bear full responsibility for the given information. We don`t bear any responsibility and don`t give any guarantees regarding authenticity and exactness of such information.

Your information on the website.

You bear full responsibility for any information you put on the website: messages, photos, videos, profile data («Content») or transfer to other members in massages.  You wouldn`t place or transfer to the other members any incorrect, false, offensive, obscene, sexually orientated, threaten or illegal information or any other information that entrenches human rights.

You understand and agree that we can look through and delete any information, completely or partially, that can be offensive, illegal, outrage, harm or endanger security of other members.

Placing personal information on the website, you allow us to use this information within confidential policy (not to transfer to the third parties).

Your using of the services should be in accordance with all applicable laws and rules. You can`t indicate in your profile as well as in messages, any phone numbers, addresses, surnames, social networks or email addresses. Exchange of any personal information must be carried out with our permission, in accordance with this agreement, other rules, terms and conditions, determined by us as well as with working legislation.

You can`t advertise via the website, be engaged in realization of the goods or services, advertise other websites or social networks. You can`t agitate another members to join other on-line or off-line dating services, social networks and etc.. You can`t transfer chain letters, spam or another undesirable information. You can`t offend, threaten or harm other members. To protect our members we reserve the right to limit quantity of e-mail messages or another messages, which a member can send in 24-hours period, the quantity of which we consider appropriate, at our discretion.

All the information, given in the profile of a member must be exact, present-day and true.

Prohibited activity.

We reserve the right to consider and/or determine your usage of the website, if you use services incorrectly or behave in such a way, which can be considered as illegal or illegitimate.

Changes on the website.

We reserve the right to change or stop, temporarily or constantly, provision of services (or any of its parts) with or without reasonable notice. You agree that we don`t bear any responsibility to you or any other third party for any change, stoppage or termination of services.

Blocking of IP addresses

To protect service integrity we reserve the right at any time at our discretion to block members from definite IP addresses.

Copyright policy.

You can`t spread any information, protected by a copyright or trade mark or any other confidential information without a written consent of the owner of such right.

Disputes of the members.

You bear full responsibility for your interaction with other members. We reserve the right, but not obliged, to control disputes between you and other members.


Using of the website and given services is regulated by our confidential policy.


We`re not liable for incorrect or inexact information, containing on our website. We don`t bear any responsibility for on-line and off-line behavior of any member of the site. We don`t bear any responsibility for any mistakes, interruptions, deletions and delay in work or data transfer, communication failure, theft, non legitimate access. We`re not liable for any technical glitch of telephone networks or phone lines, computer systems, servers or providers, computer facilities, software, email address, due to technical problems or congestions on the Internet. Any information, placed on the website for informative and entertaining aims is not meant for any professional, financial, medical, juridical or other information.

Jurisdiction and right of choice.

Should any disputes on the website arise, you agree that any of such disputes are regulated by legislation. Measures at adherence to fulfillment of this agreement will be presented in courts (federal and state).

Your disagreement.

Should you be dissatisfied with any part of this agreement, you can stop usage of the services of the website entirely.

Your recompense.

You agree to excuse and protect us, our subsidiaries, employees and other partners from any losses, claims, demands, including legal costs, made by third parties due to the using of our service in breach of this agreement and/or any violation of your assurance and guarantees, herein above set forth.


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