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                                       Confidential Policy

Effective Date: October 20, 2012

Services of Outstanding Bride ( (“Website”, hereinafter  referred to as “us” or we”). We created this confidential policy to display our protection guarantees on the website. This confidential policy is meant in answer for your questions about our confidential policy.

Age of the members.

We realize necessity of providing additional protection for children under eighteen (18), who visit our site. For subsequent protection of the children, we don`t allow members at the age under eighteen. If you disagree (or can`t carry out) with any term of the use, don`t use the website.

Consent with use conditions and confidential policy.

Your use of the website and any personal data, which you submit through the website, corresponds to the use conditions and confidential policy. Using a website you accept the use conditions and confidential policy.

Gathering and use of information.

If you look through the website, we don`t call for any personal information. If you register your profile on the site, use services, make orders, you consent to transfer and preserve your private data on our servers, located in the USA:

- your email address, contacts, sometimes financial data (number of a credit card or a bank account)

- your personal data, which you want to disclose in your profile

- data on the ground of your activity on the site (for instance, list of members who write to you)

- billings and another information you`ve submitted in reply  to receiving information and massages from us

- chats, letters, sending through the website

- data for entering into your member area, PV statistics, terminating and outgoing traffic of the website

- another data, including IP address and standard information of the website journal.

Information for making an order

We don`t transfer and/or sell any personal data about you to any third parties without your consent. We request information from a member in the order form. Here a member has to provide us with contacts (for instance, name and email address) and financial information (for instance, credit card number, data of expiry and etc.). This information is collected for handling of payments, we provide a secure handling of payments for you. Information about the credit card is encoded with the help of SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) and another standard practice of the field. We don`t keep information about credit cards on our server, as soon as this information safely transferred to a bank, it would be secure deleted.


Our website provides protective measures for the purpose of loss prevention, incorrect use and amendments to information under our control. Our acquisition process is safe. Should our order form ask a member to submit any confidential information (for instance, number of a credit card), this information is safe and encoded by the best software, designed for encryption available in SSL field. Confidentiality and protection of your personal data are very important for us. From time to time we examine new technologies and methods of information sensitivity. Remember, that in spite of all efforts, none of the protection measures are perfect.


If you want to subscribe to our newsletters we ask you for contacts, such as email address. We would regular send you our news by the given email. You`re able to reject the subscription any time. Your email address would be strictly confidential and wouldn`t be transferred and/or sold to any third party, excluding cases foreseen by the law.

The third parties

We don`t transfer, sell, rend and don`t exchange your personal data for marketing purpose. We don`t provide marketing companies with the contact information of the members. We can provide the third parties with certain unidentifiable information for marketing and advertising purposes regarding this website. Such information can include whether demographic position, the time of day or another demographic data, but not every information, which identify you in person. We don`t submit your personal information without your consent, only if we`re forced by law, for the purpose of levying of unpaid debt, to protect safety and adherence of terms of usage by this website, and to protect safety and safeguard of the website and our employees. Excluding cases, which are specially included to the confidential policy, this document concerns only use and disclosing of your personal data. If you disclose your personal information to the third parties, should they be our members or not, these rule of confidentiality can`t be spread out.

Affiliated Websites

We may share information with our branches, your profile on our site may be places on another our websites to increase your efforts. The affiliated websites respect your confidentiality and follow our confidential policy.

Prior use

This confidential policy is referred to any use and exchange of personal data, beginning from the data of registration on the site. A member accepts our confidential policy automatically. Registration on the site means a member has been familiarized with confidential policy and accepts it.


The site allows exchanging of messages and personal information in order to communicate with other members. We can`t guarantee personal privacy or safety of your information, which voluntarily disclose for other members. To protect your private life we don`t give access to your personal information to other members. To prevent undesirable massages, illegal schemes, such as panel game and messages, which violate our rules, we reserve the right to control correspondence, which collects on our server and to prevent our members from messages with unwelcome content. We also reserve the right to check private profiles, stop or delete a profile, which violates our rules. Should you decided to carry on a correspondence with us by email, we`re allowed to save a content of your message and your replies.


We may change present confidential policy any time. Should there in confidential policy be any amendments, you`ll be informed about them by the email, you`ve left under registration on the website. Any essential amendments in the confidential policy become valid not until thirty (30) days from the moment of sending you a notification by email. Nota bene, you don`t bear responsibility for renovation of your personal data, namely for operating address of your email. Should your last email address be unavailable or otherwise isn`t able to deliver a notification, in testimony of sending a letter will serve posted by us letter in our mail box.

Should you have any questions about our confidential policy, please contact us.

You may be sure, that any personal data, which you submit us (e-mail address, postal address and/or phone number) won`t be used for sending you our advertising material, should you ask about that.

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