Women fall in love with their ears! Part 2

Part 1

Think about the interests of your Ukrainian bride, choose two or three of the most important ones and try to speak to her about them. And if these interests are also interesting for you, then you can do something together; that will allow you to get to know each other better. Thus, many problems, some unspoken moments or themes that are just suppressed will disappear by themselves.

If you are naturally shy and timid, then online dating with Ukrainian girls is exactly what will help you to let your mind be free and boost your self-esteem.

Definitely, it’s not worth to be rude to a woman. Women do not tolerate rudeness in all its forms, whether it is a conversation or, for example, treatment of animals. Do not confuse rudeness with power! Men's strength, ability to take the responsibility and make a decision timely, self-confidence, and sometimes severeness - these are manifestations of power, which are admired by all women without exception.

Also, it is important to give a woman an opportunity to talk. The saying "Women fall in love with their ears" also means that the girls love to talk and want their listeners to listen to them with interest. Many men think that listening to a woman is not an easy task, but believe us that this is possible, and often useful. Especially when it comes to the Internet dating with Ukrainian girls, when only online communication exists and there is no other opportunity to get to know each other. How is it possible to do?

Firstly, you need to sit down, focus on a woman and look straight into her eyes. It is not very easy to do, but it's very important to accustom yourself to this. When men speak to each other, they can afford almost everything - look at the monitor, or play a game. However, when a man speaks to a woman and distracts attention from her doing something else during a conversation, this is perceived as an offence. Thus, any kind of activity during a conversation, walking around the room, writing down something in the notebook - all these things are perceived by a woman as an easy offense, but if a man doesn’t look into her eyes, and is staring at a monitor or a phone, this is an insult. Just to make sure, pay attention to how women communicate; they are just so deep in conversation and expect the same from communication with a man.

That is why it is not so much important to delve into what a woman says as to show how much you are interested in what she says. This behavior is especially important for online communication with a Ukrainian bride, because both the language barrier and the distance make communication more difficult.

It is also important not to give a woman advice during a conversation. Do this after, but do not interrupt her during her speech, unless she asks you about this. Let her speak out. Also, do not try to keep up her spirits if she is sad.

If a woman is interested in some details of your conversation, then repeat them several times.

Runaround, such as ‘went out on an errand, everything went on as usual, nothing new’ can upset a girl very much. If a woman hears such explanations two or three times in succession, she can conclude that you are indifferent to her. A woman's fantasy is a separate matter. Finally, a woman will decide that you are angry with her, that she is not beautiful, that you have a grouch on her, that you are choked up about her and many others. After that, the actions not related to your real feelings may happen.

These are the main rules of communication with women. They are especially important for those who are looking for their luck in the Internet on a dating site with Ukrainian girls. Try to follow them, and life will change for the better.

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