Famous descendants of the Ukrainian immigrants. Milla Jovovich.

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A bit about a dizzying career of the Ukrainian beauty Milla Jovovich 

Milla was 11 years old when she began to keep a family. As it has been already mentioned above, she took her first steps in show business as a model. Prima advertising agency offered a job to a young girl as soon as they saw her pictures. Milla’s first photo session for the famous Italian magazine Lei was carried out in 1987. Milla immediately appeared on the cover.

The unique features of the face, beautiful model body, amazing eye color and in general unusual appearance of the Ukrainian girl also fascinated Richard Avedon, the professional photographer of the popular Mademoiselle magazine. And he carried out a photo session with Milla. It is still questionable whether he knew or not that Milla was only 11 years old... However, the publisher of the magazine, having learned of this fact, forbade printing the version of the magazine with the young Ukrainian beauty. All this has caused a great scandal between the publisher and the photographer. As a result, frightening to dismiss the publisher, Richard gained his point and the world saw the Ukrainian beauty Milla Jovovich.

During the year, Milla also appeared in many magazines, including the well-known publications such as French Fashion, High Times, The Face and Vogue. At the age of 14, Milla participated in the advertising campaign of Revlon "100 Most Unforgettable Women in the World".

The beginning of the career of the Ukrainian beauty Milla Jovovich was accompanied by scandals all the time. The public fought against exploitation of minors in the show business. Many young girls, fans of Milla, starved themselves to death in order to be like her. However, Milla says that her slim body is a gift of nature. She does not stint herself in food and does not keep to any diets. She just looks good, like many Ukrainian girls on dating sites with Western men.

However, at the dawn of her career, Milla was very bitchy. $3000-4000 per day is a great income for a minor girl; a wild popularity also has played a role. However, Milla revised her priorities in life when she grown up. She didn’t become a spoiled person as many fighters for moral norms predicted, but instead Milla became a complete person, easy to communicate with a great many of her fans.

Of course, this beautiful Ukrainian star could not be satisfied just with the career of the model. Since the age of 13, Milla started to play in the erotic melodrama Two Moon Junction directed by Zalman King, where she plays a younger sister of Sherilyn Fenn. Then there was The Night Train to Kathmandu movie and the first music album The Divine Comedy.

But the real fame came with a role in the sci-fi thriller The 5th Element. Luc Besson is a film director and the first husband of Milla, whom she married a year after acquaintance. Milla just wonderfully played the role of Joan of Arc in the eponymous film by Luc Besson.

Milla's second husband, Paul Anderson is also a film director. The Resident Evil movie brought great popularity for both of them and became the beginning of their love affair, thanks to which a girl Ever Gabo was born. The Million Dollar Hotel movie, starring Milla Jovovich and Mel Gibson, should also be noted. Wim Wenders directed a film based on the script written by Bono, the lead singer of U2.

Milla Jovovich and the model Carmen Hawk created the clothing line Jovovich-Hawk. Jovovich also advertised L'Oreal cosmetics, so that in 2004 she was the highest paid model. According to the Forbes ranking, the revenue of the actress amounted to $10.5 million. In addition, Milla is actively involved in implementation of the charity projects. She plays in the Russian films, including Vykrutasy.

That’s she, our simple and at the same time not very simple Ukrainian girl Milla Jovovich.

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