Top 5 actresses who men want to see in adult films

Mila Kunis, Sofia Vergara, Angelina Jolie, Selena Gomez and Jennifer Lawrence:  which of them is most attractive to men?

Mila Kunis

American publications write that some Hollywood actresses fascinated their fans so much that they would like to see them not only in dramas, comedies, adventure films, but also in adult films.

Mila Kunis, the girl from Ukraine, who was hastily named the sexiest woman in the world of 2013, topped another ranking as well.

This time the sexy Ukrainian beauty is the most desirable Hollywood actress that the audience wants to see in the movies intended for the night air. 29-year-old seductress has received 38% of rating votes. That rating was compiled by international publishing group.

Jennifer Lawrence, who is the heroine of The Hunger Games, won the second place. She has received 23% of votes from erotic films’ fans.

Colombian actress Sofia Vergara, who is not less attractive and seductive, holds the third place. She is of mature years, but has a beautiful body and looks great.

Angelina Jolie (13%) and singer Selena Gomez (10%) are also the top five. The success of Selena Gomez has led to the fact that she was invited to appear in Playboy magazine.

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