The real story of online dating

So many years have passed already, and I decided to tell the story of how my destiny changed and I found my husband from a distant country. My first husband died and our family severely grieved him. For years, I could not even think of another man. But the children have grown up... The son studies at the university, the daughter will graduate from school soon. They have their own life and I feel that I'm still young and want to be happy in my personal life.

Somewhere inside I worried whether I would meet such a person... Where is it possible to find him? What kind of men are those who still looking for a woman, being well over 40? I understand if a man had a family but something went wrong in the relationship or grief happened to him as it happened to me... But what if I find a man who does not know what a family is, who is not accustomed to family values, and is looking for a woman just to fill in time. But loneliness consumed me, and finally I have decided to register on the online dating site with foreign men.

I did not need money or some other benefits. I was looking for a man of the heart in order to warm up and give someone a warm on a dark night. My profession was good. I had a decent salary. I obtained a higher education. And I was not deprived of men’s attention.

I looked good for my age. In the photo studio, I had a photo session. I put beautiful photos in my profile on the online dating site. By the way, before starting my journey throughout the Internet, I studied a lot of information, made a list of what I have to do and followed it, and was careful. Thank you and your website for the tips, articles on how to make everything right and become a bride on the dating site.

Therefore, I created my profile on the online dating site with Russian girls, filled the profile carefully, wrote what I was looking for, what kind of love want to find and start a new life. Not everything and not immediately went easy. I held correspondence with many men who were looking for a Russian girl. At the beginning, I wanted a husband from Germany, or even better, from Eastern or Central Germany, because I liked people living there very much and the places are beautiful there. But the men were not those I was looking for, something went wrong and I even refused to look for a man on the online dating sites with Ukrainian girls. I calmed down...

But one day I’ve received email message from the site, the news that contained the men's profile information. And there was a photo of a man, whom I immediately liked. I also liked what he wrote. I wanted to get acquainted with him. And the next day he wrote to me by himself. I immediately understood that was a sign. Nevertheless, I was greatly surprised with such a coincidence! Both of us were fascinated by each other and with every letter, every conversation, we felt as if we had known each other for ages. After our acquaintance, he immediately removed his profile from the dating site with Russian girls and I did the same. Our acquaintance gave things a new turn. We talked on the phone for hours every day.

Two months later, he came to my city. I took an apartment for him and he stayed for one month in our city. We spent together all this time. When I met him at the airport, he was holding my hand in a taxi all the time. Moreover, he was holding it so tightly that I felt a connection, and I felt that was my man. By nature I am a stable person and not very impressionable, but in that situation I felt as if I were an 18-year-old girl. I wanted to sing!

I introduced him to my family. Everyone liked him. Everyone loved him, and he treated everyone decently as well. We spoke for a long time and couldn’t believe that it happens, that two strangers from countries that are far away could place confidence in each other and fall in love.

My wedding is coming in a month and I will go to him. In addition, my beloved fell in love with Russia and people, who live here, so much that we have decided to set up our business here. We will live in two countries. I am very grateful to the dating site with Russian girls and good luck for being happy now.

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