Here is a story of Russia and its women written by a young English woman

Recently, I moved to Russia and teach English here. I live in Moscow and what struck me at first, was a great number of beautiful women

Naturally beautiful, well-groomed, well-dressed Russian girls are out of competition.

Rarely, very rarely one can see an ugly woman. Mostly Russian women immediately attract attention with their beauty, sexual energy lit from within, refinement. Fair, clear skin, beautiful hair, slim waist, delicate figure, blue eyes are inherent in the type of Russian woman, glorified by the unique authors of classical Russian literature.

I was also surprised that Russian beauties devote much time to their appearance. Manicure, pedicure, hairdress, spa services… at such a low level of income in Russia, I have no idea how they can afford it all? Prices for these services are not low. I confirm this from my experience. But Russian girls spare neither time nor expense for this. They look great, sexy at any time.

When someone of my fellow nationals says that Russians dress badly, I become very angry, indignant. No, that's not true at all, but quite the contrary; they dress well, especially Russian women. Even on the underground, early in the morning, rushing to work, one is struck by the abundance of beautiful women, who seem to go to the party – high-heeled shoes, beautiful, expensive clothes, full makeup. Believe me, it is worth looking at. However, sometimes an impression of immoderacy remains… Funny or not, but it is the norm in Russia. At the same time, you will be surprised with the clothing prices in Russia; they are much higher than ours.

When I had a Russian boyfriend, I realized how Russian women bring up their men. My boyfriend remarked upon my appearance that I have to devote more time to myself, go to a beauty salon, pamper own carcass. I was not used to this, but finally, I liked it. Now I feel differently. I feel more beautiful. Thanks to my boyfriend's mom who brought up her son in such a way.

That’s why I warn all Western men who want to build a family nest with a sexy Russian beauty: read my experiences and try to meet such high standards. Devote more time to your Russian beauties, allow them to pamper own carcass, make pleasant surprises. I know they like it.

I am still tormented by the question of why Russian women devote so much time to their appearance. They are beautiful as they are; they will look great even in sneakers and t-shirt. It is apparent from my observations that Russian men like to surround themselves by beautiful women! And when there are a lot of beauties, women want to be even more beautiful and have to devote much time to this. For example, when there is a competition to fill the vacancy, in Russia preference will always be given to a well-groomed woman, as this demonstrates that she is stable, respects herself, and therefore deserves that position. Also, I noticed a chain of causes and effects inherent in Russian beauties: if a Russian woman is well dressed, she feels attractive, and if she feels like this, the results of her work in the office improve. The second reason, I think, is the lack of men. There are much more women than men. Russian men also deserve respect; they don’t show much emotion in public, but in a relationship with their beloved are great gentlemen. All the Russian beauties expect gallantry of men.

In conclusion, I should say that I have negative impressions of Russia, but it definitely does not concern the beauty of the Russians or its absence. There is nothing to argue about. Come, see it for yourself and then tell.

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