Sex life in different countries

What's going on in bedrooms throughout the world? How often people have love in India and what is the average duration of sex in Nigeria? We did a review of differences in love life of people living in different countries.

One could assume that the sex life in all countries is approximately equally important, but it is not exactly like that. In 2010, the company Durex conducted a research on love life in different countries and came to the following conclusions: in all countries, not only the frequency of having sex is very different, but also the importance attributed to the love life.

How important is the sex life?

Surveys in different countries have shown that the love life is the most important for the Greeks. Thus, 87 percent of the Greeks consider sex to be important or very important. With 80 percent, Russia is almost on a par with the Greeks. In Poland and Brazil (79 percent is accounted for by each country), sex also plays a very important role. Germany, with its 59 percent, is in the middle. Thailand and Japan complete the list; here there are only 38 percent of the respondents indicated the importance of the love life.

Who has sex most often?

The Russians were among the top three nations, lovers of the sexual pleasure: on the average, the citizens of our country have sex 143 times per year. Only the hot Greeks (164 times per year) and the temperamental Brazilians (145 times per year) surpassed us. The Japanese have sex the most rarely: on the average, only 48 times per year.

How long does sex last?

The Nigerians have the longest love. Here love idyll lasts 24 minutes on the average. The Greeks also show their patience with 22.3 minutes. The Mexicans (22.3 minutes) and the Brazilians (21.4 minutes) are not far behind the Greeks. The Russians follow them with not less decent result - 18 minutes. And the Indians are the fastest - 13.6 minutes. 

Studies have shown that sex lasting about 10 minutes is the most optimal in duration to satisfy both partners. According to the Daily Mail, despite the vision, created by television series, that sex lasts many hours, longer physical activity can be tedious. 

Conclusions were based on a survey and the results of scientific researches. It turned out that most people consider sex lasting about 7 minutes to be “enough”. Sex lasting from 7 to 13 minutes many people called “desirable”. However, everything that went beyond 13 minutes was rated as “too long”. At the same time, most people agreed that sex lasting from one to two minutes is “too fast” to ensure satisfaction.

Who talks most often about the sex life?

People talk about it very often in Mexico. Here, 80 percent of the respondents confirmed that they regularly discuss their love life with their partners. The Greeks also are not far behind: 76 percent of the respondents talk about sexuality with their partners. In Japan, it's a kind of a taboo subject: only 21 percent of the respondents discuss what is going on in the bed. 

As you can see, the love life plays a different role in 26 countries that have been studied. It can be assumed that the selected factors, such as duration, frequency, comments, and importance of the topic, are interrelated. At the same time, frequency of the sexual activity not always determines its quality: in France, for example, only 25 percent of the respondents are satisfied with their love life, while 70 percent of the population has sex weekly. 

The Mexicans are among the most satisfied respondents: 63 percent of the respondents are satisfied with their love life with the same level of the sexual activity, as the French have. The result shown by the Russians was not the best one: only 42 percent of the respondents find their sex life perfect.

Despite the fact that by almost all indicators Russia showed a good result, the most important aspect, that is satisfaction, leaves much to be desired. In order to surpass the hot southern nations in the world sex marathon and get more pleasure out of their love lives, the Russians have to work on the quality, not the quantity.

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