Women fall in love with their ears!

This truth has become common knowledge. However, what is its true meaning?

If you, having acquainted yourself with a woman on the online dating site with Russian girls, talk only about you work and go into the details of your hobbies for hours, paying no attention to whether she likes it or not, or she is just bored and pretends to be listening, where such communication will lead? Will you achieve your goal - a marriage with a Russian beauty, or the girl of your dreams will just slip away from you, and you will not even fold her in your arms?

How often walking down the street or in a cafe you can find a couple in love, where the guy is talking with passion about his work or sport for several hours, paying no attention that his companion just yawns...

Of course, this does not mean that a man should not talk about his work during online or real communication with a Russian bride. No, quite to the contrary. It is necessary to talk, but within reasonable limits.

Now we will try to figure out what exactly saying "Women fall in love with their ears" means and apply it while communicating with a Russian beauty. When they say that a woman falls in love with her ears that does not mean she likes many-hours-long conversations about work.

That also does not mean that she can hardly wait to hear a phrase “I love you” from her man. After all, everybody knows that a phrase "I love you" is the most valuable if it is told at appropriate time and on special occasions. For example, if you make a proposal of marriage to your Russian bride from the dating site. Under any circumstances, do not tell this phrase if you have just got acquainted and using this phrase want to win a Russian beauty. Most probably, you will just repel her, because she will decide that you are thoughtless.

That's why if you want to solve some of the problems with women and strike up a good relationship with the bride by mail from Russia, heed the following advice.

Firstly, you should learn to talk about your feelings easily and talk about the woman herself more. Women like when a man is communicative, especially when it is subject to the Internet dating and marriage by mail. However, communicative does not mean chatty. It is necessary to talk about yourself within reasonable limits, show your interest in the girl herself, learn what she likes, which dreams she has, etc.

Usually, not emotional behavior of men excites women very much. So if you want to establish a good relationship with a Russian beauty you liked, try to be more communicative and emotional. More precisely, not a man himself must constantly change himself, but a man who fell in love should learn to admire a woman, moreover, to admire not an abstract woman or women, but a particular, his woman.

Of course, it is very difficult to do everything that a woman wants, but you can try to do at least a tenth. Cast about in your mind what you admire most in a woman and make a list of these advantages, if this will make your task easier to fulfill. And in a conversation with a woman, talk about these qualities more emotionally, tell words of love, but not directly, covertly. That's exactly what women like to hear!

A wonderful man's voice also attracts women very much. Change timbre of your voice. If desired, you can use different practices.

To be continued...

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