Patience is the key to a happy marriage with a foreigner

Criteria, according to which Western men prefer Ukrainian and Russian women, trace their roots deep to the historical and cultural features of the Slavs.

Foreigners gladly invest much money in trips, personal data, and telephone calls with only one purpose that is to marry a Russian or Ukrainian bride. Why?

According to the common man's opinion in the West, Russian and Ukrainian girls possess an incredible personal quality – patience. Where a Western woman turns back and slams the door, a Ukrainian lady turns everything into a joke, endures, hugs, caresses, and things would be back the way they should be. After all, for her, a Ukrainian beauty, family comes first. A woman sets the pace and direction in her family, and consequently in the career of her husband. Yes, she is also interested in building a career, but not enough to sacrifice the harmony and peace in the family.

If you dig deeper, the patience of a Slavic woman, Ukrainian or Russian beauty, traces its roots to many thousands of years ago. According to the ancient Vedas, which roots can be traced to all modern religions, relationship between a man and a woman are the world's backbone, and a woman derives true pleasure and happiness from the family. Life satisfaction of a woman is only by 20-30% dependent on the successful career; as for the rest, happiness means a family and home for her. Woman is a goddess at home. Success of a husband and children's health depend on her. A happy woman makes the husband happy as well, because the mood of the man depends on her mood. Everything is very simple, it’s just necessary to remember these suggestions.

Ukrainian women intuitively feel this and put relationship with the man first. Even careerists, who get a substantial income, look for a soulmate in the depth of their heart and often find it with the help of online dating.

Recent decades of the Soviet system contributed to this state of affairs in many ways. A Ukrainian woman is brought up under the conditions of constant communication with different generations, as parents, children, grandparents, aunt, uncle, and others often live together in the Slavic family; this never happens in the West, and all this in an area of one apartment. Living together of several generations teaches a Ukrainian girl tolerance and respect from early childhood. Even in schools in Ukraine and Russia, two persons, often a boy and a girl, share the same desk, while throughout the West singly.

Today, as in the Soviet era, it is difficult to achieve success in a career for the Ukrainian woman, because the benefits of the Soviet system have always been on the side of men in this respect. The slogan is: have the longest maternity leave in the history of the modern world! In such a manner, the state wanted to increase the birth rate, and the Ukrainian beauty spent most of her life at home. And she instilled this in her daughters as well. And this just plays into the hands of the Western man, because he dreams of domestic comfort in a marriage with the Ukrainian girl. Western women think differently. They are brought up differently and grown up under different conditions. They feel happy, when moving up the career ladder and by that provide a high level of income to themselves and their families. And if a spouse gets a smaller income in such a family, arguments raise and there is no need for a man. That is a very different thing to have an affectionate Ukrainian wife. She has an amazing ability to adapt, and thus she is always more preferred to marriage!

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