Important moments of holding online correspondence

Dear men, if you are serious about finding a bride from Ukraine on the Internet, you have to prepare yourself for the fact that you will have to respond to many letters. As well as write them. Not all men like to write letters, but since your goal is a marriage with a beautiful Ukrainian girl, you will have to work hard. We will try to make this task pleasant.

Letters from Ukrainian girls will be very different, both long ones with detailed description of the girls’ lives, and quite short ones. But most often you will have to take the very first step by yourself and write letters to beautiful Ukrainian girls whose upbringing often doesn't allow writing first. Usually, first of all people pay attention to the long letters, but do not hurry up, because people are different and maybe your future Ukrainian bride is just behind a short message.

Once you’ve already started an online communication, you should think about what to talk further. A Ukrainian girl has chosen you out of many men and now you need to check whether you are a good match. And both partners want to make sure they’ve made the right choice, so the best option is not to play with each other, but be natural, as your family and friends know you. Do not be afraid to be imperfect, just be yourself. Show interest in your Ukrainian bride on the Internet. After all, correspondence can convince a girl that you are exactly a man of her life!

What to talk about at the beginning? 

You can talk about the countries of residence, for example, about your and her homeland, life peculiarities of these countries, friends in a particular country, as well as how you took a decision to look for a spouse from Ukraine on the Internet. Questions about education and work are also interesting. Ask whether she works in the specialty, whether her job is interesting, whether she plans to work after marriage, what her purposes in life and career are.

It is important to talk about the relationship between a man and a woman. What is important to you and her in the relationship, what can be sacrificed, and what will never be forgiven? What does she want most of all in the family life? What does she aspire? What place does the family take in her life? And of course, let her know your position on these issues, as they are a guarantee of your future family happiness with a beautiful Ukrainian girl.

Ask her to talk about her family, relatives, and her relationships with them, whom she loves, who she argues with. This will give you additional insight about her. Try to strike up a discussion on some topic, a conversation that will be interesting for both of you and distinguish you, and conversely, from online dating mainstream.

Explain to her why you are looking for an online bride exactly on the sites for free dating with Ukrainian girls, whether it's a conscious choice, or an accidental one… It's always interesting to Ukrainian girls. And ask her why she is looking for a husband from abroad, what motivates her and what she expects from the intermarriage.

Ask whether she has children from previous relationships, and if so, ask her to send their family picture. And keep in mind this point, because children are children and life with them will be very different – happier and more meaningful, but maybe this is not for you at this stage. Decide.

Communicate with your Ukrainian bride. From time to time send her amateur photos when you enjoy a relaxed environment with friends, or at home, or at work. Discuss an interesting movie, an article, whatever. There is a multitude of options.

We wish you good luck and believe that you will succeed.

But if an online communication and letter writing is too difficult for you, contact us, we will help you.

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