Curiosities of the English language, mistakes that one should not pay attention to

Dear men, if you've decided to search for a life partner among sexy and attractive Ukrainian girls, you have to be very careful while getting acquainted with the profiles of the Ukrainian beauties. For the most part, the Ukrainian girls know English, but having no practice of communication and opportunity to develop English language skills in a natural environment, make serious mistakes, which we will now describe.

If the profile of a Ukrainian beauty, the part where she describes qualities in a partner important for her, frightens you with the phrase “generous man”, this does not mean that this girl sells her love for money, looking for a sponsor on the online dating site, but quite the contrary… In the Russian language English phrase “I am seeking a generous man” means that a girl looking for an honest, noble man, who is not greedy with regard to his partner and for whom mutual caring for each other is important, a man who could be relied on.

The phrase «I seek a man who will take care of me» has the same meaning in the understanding of the Ukrainian beauty. Perhaps, for Ukrainian women it would be better to use the phrase “mutual care”, “taking care of each other”, but, alas, learning English is a complicated process. If the subject was taught by native speakers, then the result would be different.

The phrase “Careful man”, in understanding the Ukrainian women, means that she is looking for a caring man, attentive to everything, able to make pleasant surprises, a man with whom she will feel safe and comfortable.

And of course, if you go into details, the phrase “financially secure” can get your attention. But this does not mean that a woman is looking for money and full financial support. Most probably a lovely woman meant that the man who is financially independent is more interesting comparing to the other candidates, because he deserves respect. This is exactly the man who has managed to achieve success, constantly improved himself and is interesting to talk to.

So, dear foreign guests of our online dating site, if you see these phrases, do not worry, do not be afraid… If a girl in front of you is beautiful and is an embodiment of your dreams, firstly, strike up a conversation, talk to her, and then draw conclusions and make decisions.

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