Marriage to a foreigner is a merger of two cultures

A large number of international and intercultural marriages, which occur recently thanks to the Internet dating with Ukrainian and Russian girls, are interesting for psychologists as an object of research, as well as for people, who just feel an interest in this issue and want to try their fortune.

Of course, everyone will understand a single Ukrainian woman, who registered on the online dating site and is passing the evenings in front of the computer in the hope of a woman's happiness, from a human point of view… After all, nothing human is alien to us! But it’s necessary to forewarn a Ukrainian lady and advise her to attentively make a choice of a possible husband and introduce herself as a Ukrainian bride in a favorable light.

First of all, she has to carefully explore the country and culture of a potential fiance, local traditions, and assess what they have in common and what are the differences between them. Marriage is always an important step. As for the marriage of a Ukrainian bride with a foreigner, both parties bear double responsibility. Since most of these relationships are marriages on the Internet, it’s necessary to prepare beforehand, investigate, understand and accept many nuances of the traditions and customs of the country and a new family, where she will live after her marriage to the foreigner. It’s good if it will be a cosmopolitan city, where the layers of histories of the different countries, cultures and ethnic groups are superimposed on each other and there is a respect for something new. But this is another thing if the Ukrainian bride will get to a place, where just people of the fiance’s nationality live. In this situation, a marriage will require more efforts and there will be more difficulties. Although in principle any marriage, including the marriage on the Internet, takes a lot of work.

Preliminary learning of the features of the new culture will save both parties from the illusions and prejudices that exist against cultures, for example, the British are stingy, the Italians are feather-pated, and the Russians are drinkers. Of course, most of the differences exist in the interethnic family. But the obstacles are overcomable, and there are many examples of happily married partners on the numerous online dating sites.

What should be done firstly, when the so-called rose and candy romantic stage is coming to the end and the first domestic conflicts occur? Psychologists advise both spouses to prepare a set of requirements and habits, which are important and cannot by sacrificed by a spouse and show them to each other beforehand. Or it’s possible just to make an appointment somewhere in the cozy cafe and in a confidential conversation to tell each other what they like and what not… It's advisable to get acquainted with the wishes of the partner and offer own ones in a joking manner. If, for example, the habit of the fiance to wear shoes in the apartment is irritating, it’s necessary to seriously tell about this. In turn, the man should understand the whims of his Ukrainian bride. The most important is to calmly, peacefully, step by step create own model of the family and behavior in it. This is especially true for marriages arising from online dating, when there was no time for life together, and hence there is no experience to lead it.

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