Seven ways to make your woman happy

Men's magazines are constantly publishing articles on a topic what women find attractive in men. Lots of advice is given, starting from where to take a sexy lady out in the evening, how to choose a suit and expensive perfume, dressing for a date, whether to ignore your girlfriend, i.e. lower her self-esteem and thus to gain her heart, or get in with her friends, or perhaps it’s better to register on a free online dating site and put yourself on the background of two girls… But will it help to win the love of a real woman, who is self-confident, able to love and looking for a stable relationship?

But it is a man, who does everything in order his life partner felt like a real woman, attracts beautiful women in the long term.

You can dress how you want, do what you want, but be aware that women are usually more responsive to men who know and can do so that a woman felt the most feminine and attractive.

How an ordinary man can wake femininity and sensuality in his lady, including when he meets her on a free online dating site with Ukrainian girls?

1. Make it so that your new online friend felt a completely free woman.

Most modern women can do almost everything that modern men do. And they gradually forget their feminine essence. All these new-fashioned things turn a woman away from her nature. That is why a modern woman wants to feel herself gentle, vulnerable and hedged round with care and attention coming home to her husband.

2. Make her feel beautiful/seductive, sexy/.

Make it so that she felt funny, smart, visually pleasing. This means appreciating her physical qualities, mental and moral outfit. And do not impose your views concerning beauty of a woman in general on her; do not compare her with an imaginary ideal, because as is well-known, beauty can be different.

3. Distinguish her from other girls.

Every woman wants to feel unique, like she is one in a million. Your beautiful Ukrainian woman knows that she has competition and that you communicate with the other girls as well. If you particularly liked a girl on the online dating site, distinguish her from others, even little attentions, such as a bouquet of flowers or a gift, show that she is special to you.

Some men use the tactic of «ignoring a woman», although in the later stages of communication. Sometimes it works in your favor, as any woman, including a Ukrainian beauty, is always afraid to go unnoticed. But practice shows that it’s not worth to build relationships on these tricks, since any insincerity at the start leads to problems and poor quality of life together.

to be continued ...

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