Kyiv women are the most beautiful women in the world!

According to the classification of the most beautiful women in the world by city, made up by the site Travelers Digest in 2012, Ukrainian girls from the capital of Ukraine, Kiev, are recognized as the most beautiful ones on the planet! They won in the Cities With The World's Most Beautiful Women.

Unmarried Canadian guy, the author of this classification, traveled the world, searching for the mythical beautiful goddesses, who can not only fascinate by their beauty, but also inspire a single man to noble deeds. The author rushed to perform this task with unbated zeal of his heart, thirsting for the truth, and, having visited many countries and cities in all continents of the world, he was enchanted by the beauty of Ukrainian women and not in vain!

Here are his arguments.

«Perhaps, you will have to give yourself a pinch,” he writes, “undoubtedly you are in the city of the most beautiful women in the world – in Kiev! It’s even impossible to believe that such a number of beautiful women exist. Ukrainian women are well-educated, always willing to have a talk with you on the philosophical, literary and many other topics. They know literary works of Dostoyevsky, Tolstoy, Gogol, and world writers. Isn’t this amazing today! Come to Kiev in summer and be sure to visit the Hydropark on the Dnieper, where sexy Ukrainian beauties are sunbathing and entice by their divine beauty.”

Russian beauties, who took the sixth place, were not left out of the unwavering gaze of the researcher as well. Moscow is recognized as the place, where the most beautiful Russian brides are gathered. The author writes, “Just think of that! Tall, blue-eyed Russian women, they are like the goddesses. One must get on the right side of them: Russian ladies know their own value! If you are still living under the impression of the Cold War and coldness of the local people, assuage your doubts. Stately, clever, making men want to communicate Russian girls are also searching for mutual love, aspiring to have a strong marriage.”

The explosion of positive comments in the Internet after the publication of this classification only proves a fact that Russian and Ukrainian ladies enjoy great popularity among men, including foreigners. Affectionate, loving, able to listen and sympathize, Ukrainian brides are also the most desired in online dating. This global recognition of uniqueness of Ukrainian women is actually recognition on the part of the sterner sex, because in most cases these classifications are drawn up by men. It is not for nothing Ukrainian and Russian girls always participate in the international beauty contests, namely in the Internet, in printed publications, especially in magazines, and on TV. Moreover, they are almost always in the lead, winning the title – The best girls!

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