Where dating came from

Dating or terms of intimacy are the parties, where quick dates between all the participants were arranged. It is one of the most popular ways of getting acquainted abroad that also became widespread at the territory of the former Soviet Union in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and other countries. The method of terms of intimacy was originated in the U.S. in 1998. The idea belongs to Rabbi Yaakov Devo and is based on the Jewish tradition of making a marriage only between people of the same religion. The first party was held in Beverly Hills exclusively for the members of the Jewish community. Since 1998, the "quick dates" have gained popularity throughout the world. In the West, television shows dedicated to the topic of dating and relationships are very popular, and even films that promote speed dating are produced.

Typically, those were private parties. It was impossible to visit them without pre-registration. In the room where the party was held tables and chairs were put in a circle. Usually, such events were held in cafes, clubs or hotels. The party presenter set up men and beautiful women in such a way that there was one man and one woman at the same table. Alarm signal sounds to indicate the start of dating, and a man and a woman start to communicate. Their mini-date usually lasted from two to ten minutes, and then, after the next signal, a man moved to a sexy woman sitting at the next table and got acquainted with her. Thus, moving in a circle, all the men got acquainted with all the women in one night. Often, the party organizers got up a dance on the same principle. After a while, the participants had some time to rest from communication, drink some cocktails or have a snack and make notes about interesting conversation partners; then quick dates were going on.

At the end of the party, men and beautiful women gave the organizers a list people they liked and, if the preferences coincided, got contact information about the chosen people.

The participants are quite normal, attractive people who want to find their love. Often, many of them are very busy for using traditional dating methods at work or place of residence. These parties are ideal for those who have a need for new acquaintances. Usually, within the same party the organizers try to select people of the same social level. The participants had just to behave naturally and easily.

In such a way, it was possible to get acquainted with a dozen interesting and not very interesting people for one evening.

Such a method of getting acquainted is very similar to the communication on the dating sites, when the users get acquainted with many people at the same time, and often in parallel carry on a correspondence with several persons. And to top it all, this method of dating also allows to see the eyes of the conversation partners, their facial expressions, and also assess emotional compatibility preliminarily, and that is what is lacking in communication via the Internet. On the downside, "terms of intimacy" limits the number of people present at the party, and the organizers select the participants for each particular party by themselves.

Terms of intimacy is a wonderful and effective way to meet interesting people in the atmosphere of carefree fun.

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