Acquaintance with a girl on the dating site

I want to share my experience of dating the girls through an international dating site with you. In addition, I will give you my advice, because I think that I regularly succeeded in this kind of activity. This is not a pick up training, and not dating just for a sexual relationship.

I did that in the period from November 2009 to January 2011, i.e. a little longer than one year. During this time, I have had a relationship with eight girls. I started from scratch. I had no experience of dating the beautiful Ukrainian girls.

I think that most people prefer to get acquainted on the Internet for two reasons: loneliness and sexual relationship. In many cases, these two reasons frequently coincide. Let's get started...

Stage One

You have to create a free profile on the international dating site with Ukrainian and Russian girls. Be sure to put your photos into the profile. It’s better not to hide any information about yourself. You have to gain a girl’s trust, so if there are any suspicions at the first stage, you will be doomed to failure. Give important details about yourself and write what kind of girl you want to find.

Stage Two

You should go in the search, choose the criteria by which you want to find a girl from Ukraine. You know, many girls on the dating site aspire to get acquainted with a man, but they are just shy and that's understandable. A man should make the first step, so they are waiting for... you! Choose Girls online tab. Now you can see a list of single Ukrainian and Russian girls. Open up the pages you like and write the message ‘Hello!’ To be honest, I was not particularly looking, to whom I sent messages; I sent them to everyone, at hazard. When all the messages sent, we can only wait...

Step Three

As a rule, of 20 messages, 9-11 beautiful girls from Ukraine sent a response. That was a hello message as well or, ‘Hi, I know you???’ The following message has to be, ‘I want to get acquainted with you if you don’t mind.’ The trick of this question is that both "yes" and "no" answers will be affirmative, i.e., "Yes, I do not mind" and "No, I do not mind."

Of course, the girl can write that she does not want to get acquainted with you, but maximum 2 of 10 single girls will write so. Further, when you get an affirmative answer, you should overwhelm the girl with questions, for example, what she is doing now, what business she is in, what her state of mind is, whether she is studying or working, etc. In general, it is necessary to demonstrate an interest so that she felt this. The best time for such communication is evening. As a rule, I communicated with 3-4 girls from Ukraine on a regular basis; that was a good, mutual communication.

Step Four

To a large extent, it depends on you and different circumstances how long you will communicate with a girl from Ukraine on the dating site. In any case, the sooner you start telephone communication the better.

I do not advise to communicate through a web camera in order to give the girl to dream about you, your appearance, your behavior, gestures, smile, etc. A web camera can spoil everything.

Don't rush into meeting. Any online dating takes time. Communicate at least one month before your real meeting with a Ukrainian girl.

And now, a few more tips. Certainly, the most difficult stage is the last one, that is, communication itself. What can a guy tell a strange girl?? To be honest, everything! In any case, most of the conversations will be forgotten.

It is desirable to purchase a package Super Profitable, because it will be necessary to talk for hours. My personal record is 10 hours, with breaks for meals. Well, the most important thing is to arrange a meeting with a beautiful Ukrainian girl. I do not recommend you to meet two or more girls at the same time, because it will be as it is said in a well-known proverb. It depends on you as a guy, as a man, as a person what will happen after the meeting.

In fact, just do not feel sorry for anyone and choose! After the first meeting, when you both go home, do not write or call first. If the girl writes or calls first, she is yours! Do not miss your chance!

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