Compatibility of Zodiac Signs for Marriage

Of course, success of marriage depends to a greater extent on the individual characteristics of the partners, their ability to accommodate to each other, and compatibility. But since for many millennia people turn to the science of Zodiac and are interested in compatibility when choosing a partner, it will not be superfluous to look through this topic again. A large number of men's profiles on the online dating sites also contain requirements regarding Zodiac signs, although it is believed that men are more skeptical in this respect than the fair sex.

Today we will look not just into the Zodiac signs, but compatibility of marriages with Russian girls in accordance with the Zodiac signs of the fiances’ countries. Since each country is characterized by a certain Zodiac sign, this is also reflected on the individual qualities of the people living here. For example, Russia is a carrier of the sign of Aquarius! Freedom, friendliness, trust, sometimes the lack of pragmatism and unpretentiousness, natural intelligence, and many other qualities inherent in the Russian character are characterized exactly by this.

So: Aquarius...

Aries/Southeast Germany/

For representatives of the country of Aries, marriage with a Russian girl will be successful if the marriage is based on love, affection, and feelings from the very beginning. There are severity, strong romantic feelings, punctuality, and obedience to the rules in the character of the men of this country. Therefore, a Russian beauty may seem extravagant, impractical, and neglecting social norms to the man of her choice, and in turn he will strike her with his fussiness in everyday life, and will be extremely exacting. A family model, where the carrier of the energy of Aquarius, who is the Russian girl, will determine the rules of the game from the very beginning, and the man, who is the carrier of the energy of Aries, will accept them has the best chance in this marriage. There are a great many of examples of happy marriages between Russians and Germans. And if formerly mainly Prussian princesses married Russian tsars, now, on the contrary, Russian princesses are happily married to German men. The most suitable Zodiac signs for this marriage are Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius.

Taurus /Sweden, Czech Republic, Egypt, UAE, Slovakia/

Marriage of the Russian girl to the representatives of the sign of Taurus is considered difficult. Its advantages are a stable, regular life, a house full of children, immersion in household routines. Disadvantages are monotony, patriarchy, the lack of new experiences. Primarily, this marriage is dangerous for women who are the representatives of Aquarius. Men from the countries of Taurus have nothing to fear… The most suitable Zodiac signs for this marriage are Taurus, Cancer, Pisces, and Virgo.

The Twins /USA, Greece, Romania/

This is a popular and happy marriage. Russian beauties quite often marry Americans. All the nuances and inconsistencies in this marriage have to be handled at the very beginning. Friendship, affection, love, common interests and beliefs, ksexual compatibility of the partners are the pillars on which the marriage of the Russian girl with the American man is based. Another plus for this marriage is that a wife is younger than her husband. The most suitable Zodiac signs for this marriage are Aries, the Twins, Libra, Sagittarius, and Aquarius.

Cancer /India, Lithuania, the Netherlands/

In order this marriage could be successful, a Russian bride should be ready to become a mother for the children and husband at the same time. There are good examples of such a marriage, but they are not as numerous as might be wished. Marriage is considered to be the happiest, if both spouses are of the same age or a woman is slightly older. The most suitable Zodiac signs for this marriage are Cancer, Virgo, Pisces, and Capricorn.

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