Are sexual fantasies for online russian women a taboo subject?

The basis of a good relationship is honesty. It is believed that we can talk about everything with a beloved person. However, really about everything? Can you talk about your sexual fantasies with online russian women? If so, then you should know that you belong to a minority. 

Most people find it difficult to talk about their sexual fantasies. This is the finding of different studies, including a Simplified Sex survey, conducted by TNS Healthcare. Talking of the sexual fantasies turned out to be a very controversial subject: 50 percent of men would like to talk openly about their sexual fantasies with online russian women. However, only a third of them said that they are able to do this. 

Conversations with online russian women about sexual fantasies are very important for a relationship

It is hardly to find something else that at the same minimal effort would have such a good influence on a relationship. Thus, 86 percent of the respondents say that talking of the sexual fantasies has a beneficial effect on mental health. And 75 percent of the respondents believe that to share sexual fantasies with a partner means to trust him or her. Two-thirds of the respondents believe that talking of the sexual fantasies is important for good sex. 

Why is it so difficult to talk about sex with online russian women? Ten percent of the respondents admitted that they would like to talk about this, but do not dare. What is the reason? Is it a fear that they will not be understood? Unsuccessful experience?

Not all sexual fantasies find the interested listeners, because most people do not want to know about the hidden erotic desires of the partner. “A fear that we will not be able to satisfy the partner's sexual fantasies oftenlies behind an ostentatious lack of interest. Conversation with online russian women may show differences that will create an insurmountable barrier between two persons. In this case, the purpose of these conversations with online russian women is the opposite - to break the ice. Despite the fact that the media feeds us with eroticism in one form or another every day, an honest conversation about sex with online russian women is one of the most intimate things in a relationship. A person, who decides to talk about this, hopes for respect and understanding of the partner. And a relationship will only benefit from this, whether in the form of compromise or implementation of specific fantasies”, says Wiebke Neberich, a specialist in the psychology of relationships. 

Missed opportunities because of sexual fantasies unexpressed to online russian women

The study Theratalk, conducted by the University of Göttingen, shows what the consequences silence in bed may carry. The study involved 2.330 heterosexual couples, who were interviewed in detail about their sexual fantasies, and about what sexual fantasies of the partner they would be ready to satisfy. The result can be divided into 3 categories: 1) the fantasies that have been satisfied already; 2) the fantasies that the partner would agree to satisfy; and 3) the fantasies that the partner is not ready to satisfy. 

Thus, the missed opportunities were found out: 35 percent of the male fantasies were satisfied by their female partners, and 36 percent could be satisfied, but men were ashamed to tell about them. In case with women, it is 44 percent of the satisfied fantasies versus 40 percent of the unspoken fantasies that could be satisfied. In other words, about twice as many fantasies could be satisfied if the couples began to openly talk about them with online russian women. This would not only make the sex life more diversified, but also restrain many couples from the temptation of adultery. 

Unrealized sexual fantasies with online russian women is a cause of adultery

Such a finding was the result of a survey of men and women, who were unfaithful to their partners, conducted by Ragnar Beer, psychologist at the University of Göttingen. At the same time, 80 percent of the respondents claim that they love theirregular sexual partners very much. That is, it's not about feelings. At the same time, exactly the same number of the respondents explains adultery by the fact of dissatisfaction. About 85 percent of women and 79 percent of men complained that at home they do not get in bed what they want. Why is this so? 

Only 31 percent of unfaithful women and one fourth of unfaithful men talk about own sexual fantasies with their loved ones. The situation with the deceived partners is even worse: only 27 percent of men and 14 percent of women told their partners what they like in bed. And once they found out about the adultery, significant changes have not occurred, while, it would seem, in these situations, the couples should try hard to find out what their problems are, and solve them. However, two-thirds of the couples continued to keep silence. 

Fear of rejection hinders from talking about sexual fantasies with online russian women

“A fear of the partner’s reaction, plus our complexes, lead to the fact that many couples do not talk about sex with online russian women at all”, explains psychologist Wiebke Neberich.

There is nothing strange: after all, we are talking about the most intimate aspects of our individualities. It is not so easy to talk about such things with online russian women as, let’s say, express a desire to go to the seaside in summer. Besides, the partner may not like what he or she hears; we are not immune from that. 

So, is it worth to keep silence or talk? That's what Wiebke Neberich advises to all couples, “When your relationship has become so much confidential that you can count on the full respect and understanding, you and online russian women should give due consideration to the topic of sex. Do you want to be sure that your sex life will be long and exciting? It is very easy: you just have to trust your partner”. 

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