Anti Scam Protection Policy

Anti Scam Protection Policy

In Outstanding Bride the work is built very seriously. Our purpose is to provide our male or female users with secure communicative environment. Calm and secure atmosphere initiates special relationship on our site. We apply only advanced technology to provide you with the utmost alive relationships. With our help you won`t feel a distance, separating you at the first stage.

One of the most principal components in providing you with the best service is the Anti-Scam Protection policy. Before explaining the principal features of Anti- Scam Protection policy, we want inform you about who is a swindler.

The first aim of Outstanding Bride is creating of a place where our clients will fit together in the hope of creating successful relations. A swindler can be any male or female person who wants intentionally use the site for its purposes. A swindler is a person who communicates with other users of the site pursuing one or another need. Unfortunately, these needs are of the private or financial character.

We have a strong checking of the users and we won`t let use our site interestedly. We warrant such users (as it`s described above) from using our site. To protect our clients from swindle and negligence we use thorough checking of our lady`s profiles, ask to provide plenty of necessary documents for these aims. Each profile of the ladies is checked by our own representative in every city. You`re safe as every lady on our site is examined.

We don`t confirm a profile if the local independent representative didn`t talk to a lady by himself and didn`t check her documents (passport and many others).We must be personally convinced of the absence of forged profiles and documents, be sure that a lady coincides with the appropriate photos and papers, and is interested in searching of a partner and in creating successful relations. Our representatives have strict rules for the identifying of the lady`s personality and for the non-observance of these rules are punished severely.

In our site there are no models that are not interested in serious relations. We are ready not only to affirm that but to prove our statements by arguments.

Outstanding Bride Anti-Scam

Our team obligatory makes regular phone calls to each lady for identifying of the personality and interest in relations. Ladies regular confirm the information, containing in their passports. We don`t have old data. As well our team confirms that each lady knows whom of the users she corresponds with and what about. It`s regular, we make it not only once. Every lady on our site knows that she must be available every time to provide us with any information.

Our representatives regular visit a lady for checking her documents and given some information.

Our team consists of org-men who do their job thoroughly. We`re orientated on the Anti-Scam Protection Policy and we have some methods how to get around and check these swindlers.

We`re always respectful and correct towards our clients. And that`s why our lady users understand that these actions are needed for Anti-Scam Protection Policy. We`re anxious to provide a place where a man and a woman can find each other for successful relations.

We guarantee that we prevent swindlers from our site, but we can`t  guarantee a residue of every man or woman on our site. It`s impossible to guarantee intentions of the other person. If you have noticed strange behavior of a user on our site, inform us about that. We will immediately make thorough inquiry of this user and act appropriately.

Still bear in mind that when you make on-line acquaintances with a lady from a foreign country, who speaks another language, there can be some honest misunderstandings. You can understand a user in another way, who speaks badly in your native language. Don`t judge hastily, put some additional questions for the clearing of the situation. We assure you, after that everything will be back in its place.

You can be sure – we`re here to help you. Your trust in us and your satisfaction is the biggest reward for us. Our purpose is to help people to find each other and to create strong and warm relationships.

We thank you for your staying with us and your trust. We won`t let you down. Your comfort is our job.

Kind regards, the team of Outstanding Bride.

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