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Service Price Discount Tariff Description
Letter 2 crd 50 % 1 crd The letter can be sent lady at all times. Do not depend either online or offline lady. A letter from a lady you read FREE!
Live chat 0.2 crd 25 % 0.15 crd Communicate in real time when a lady online. The response from the lady you waiting for free. You only pay for the minutes of the actual correspondence in the chat. If, within 2 minutes of the lady did not answer, the chat will be closed and the 2 minutes are free. Example: You have corresponded with Lady 5 minutes, you pay only for 5 minutes. If since last posts lady did not reply to you within 2 minutes, chat closes, and you pay only for 5 minutes. Chat will close automatically and you do not pay if: а) the lady was offline; b) you have a bad connection and you are offline; c) click end chat; d) if there is no response from the lady for 2 minutes.
Virtual gift - - - The cost of a catalog of virtual gifts.
Attach photo to message 1 crd - 1 crd Photo adds interactive in conversations.
Attach video to message 1 crd - 1 crd Coming soon.
Real gift - - - The cost of a catalog of real gifts.
Love call 2 crd 30 % 1.4 crd Service-call-desc
Gift, photo report 10 crd - 10 crd Photo report, a lady and your gift


Name Price Quantity credits  
Super Profitable - saving 720$ - 1 credit $ 3 540 $ 180

Visa / MasterCard

Profitable - saving 525$ - 1 credit $ 3. 50 525 $ 150
Saving - saving 301$ - 1 credit $ 3. 99 399 $ 100
Base - saving 121$ - 1 credit $ 5 299 $ 60
Easy - saving 45$ - 1 credit $ 5. 60 179 $ 32
Test - 1 credit $ 1.9 30.4 $ 16
Starting - 1 credit $ 1.50 12 $ 8
Primary - 1 credit $ 1 5 $ 5

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