• ID: 20796, Viktoriya Age: 31
  • ID: 19860, Anna Age: 43
  • ID: 19822, Iraida Age: 51
  • ID: 19614, Ekaterina Age: 34
  • ID: 19594, Natali Age: 40
  • ID: 19290, Dana Age: 38
  • ID: 19282, Svetlana Age: 55
  • ID: 19266, Vikki Age: 41
  • ID: 19262, Valeriya Age: 26
  • ID: 1483, Svetlana Age: 43
  • ID: 1280, Yana Age: 29
  • ID: 159, Lidiya Age: 32

Top 100 Sexiest Women in Ukraine and Russia

According to the rating of Men's Health Magazine

Yet another confirmation of the fact that the Ukrainian girls are famous for their beauty and sexuality came from America. According to the popular men's magazine, an American citizen of Ukrainian origin who is a famous actress Mila Kunis won second place in Top 100 sexiest women of 2013.

The authors of the rating think that Mila is supernaturally beautiful. And that’s true. The majority of Ukrainian women, as well as she, radiate outer beauty, are filled with spiritual energy, and very, very sexy.

What defines a sexy woman? 

Feminine nature implies the presence of sexual energy. A woman is truly sexy, when she sees a man in front of her and this man interests her. On a subconscious level, impulses arise that result in all those lovely attentions in verbal communications with a man. All men love, when women flirt and play with them, though they do not admit this. But this preliminary game between a man and a woman is a pledge of the future harmonious relationships.

A sexy woman knows how to play with a man, can be a mystery. She is sensual, tender, flirting proficiently and therefore companionable. She is beautiful, well-groomed and most importantly, pleased with herself. She admires herself, loves her own body. She is good-tempered and knows how to take risks. She can speak of anything and at the same time she is easy to deal with, there is no stress. She has a sense of self-worth. Sexy woman knows a clear line between vulgarity and feminine charm. She does not need a lot of makeup. She just knows how to bring into focus her strengths and hide weaknesses. Everyone is beautiful in own way. The same is with sexy women, as there are different types of them. They share only one common feature, i.e. sexy women radiate energy that excites men. From birth there is a conviction in their blood that the man is playing a leading role, but not because they are stupid, but on the contrary, because of the wisdom of women. Female sexuality is partly an inherited quality and partly an acquired quality; it is subject to any woman.

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