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ID: 19616
Name: Karina
Age: 35
Birthday: 1985-02-24
City: Yekaterinburg
Country: Russia
Height : 5'7' (171-173 cm)
Weight : 123 lbs (56 kg)
Constitution: Cuddly
Hair Color : Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Ethnic origin: European
Religion: Orthodoxy
English Level : Good
Drink : Never
Smoke : No
Education: School graduate
Profession: Communication
Marital Status : Never married
Have Children: No
About me

The name's Karina. I'm not about to give to you in explicit detail my background, my religious and political views, who I like and don't like, and who the love of my life is because- a) My religious views are simplistic and my political ones are nearly non-existent, b) My best friends know who they are, and c) I am still searching for the love of my life. I have to say that I strongly believe in "what's done is done", I can't change the past, neither can you. I have met some amazing people during my life. The people I love I have learned will not be with us forever so I take every moment as my last as cliched as it sounds, because I'm never going to say "i wish" about anything. I love the fast-pace lifestyle, don't put up with bullshit and I won't say anything behind your back that I wouldn't say to your face.

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