International dating service - SEND LETTERS

You have a great opportunity today to make the acquaintance with a charming bride Ukraine or beautiful Russian  lady .

To write a letter lady , you need to go to the profile of women and click Send Mail. Or choose a lady from your contact list . Immediately , a dialog box to communicate with this woman. Correspondence history stored here - in this dialog window. Press and hold on a window , you can move the window to the part of the screen where you comfortably. You can also fold down, open and close the dialog box . For your convenience, all your actions are only stored in one dialog box .

Above the dialog box you see tabs

1 ) Mail - Write letters,

2 ) Chat - invite a girl to chat

3 ) Send Gift - send a real gift

4 ) Send like - send a virtual gift

5) View profile girl

6) Send a smiley

7 ) Move the window

8) Close the window

9) Close the window

You can send letters when a girl offline. You can send letters, when a girl online - for this you need to finish chat or not start chat. See tariffs send a letter

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