Moschino Funny 50ml

Moschino Funny 50ml

Women's perfume Moschino that is the Italian perfume brand is a great choice if you need to please a modern, stylish, and independent woman. Light fragrance fascinates with its originality and elegance. It is ideal for both a young and an experienced woman, and will only beneficially emphasize the vital energy, activity and ambition in search of her woman's happiness in the last one. This perfume will make your lady from a happy owner of a unique fragrance.

Sunny joyous fragrance perfect romantic young girls, giving them a fun and relaxing summer days. Moschino Funny- guarantee good mood for the day.


Moschino Funny 50ml

ID 99
Name Moschino Funny 50ml
Price 30 crd

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Moschino Funny 50ml

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