Lanvin. Eclat D'Arpege 100ml

Lanvin. Eclat D'Arpege 100ml

Feminine, affectionate and angelic fragrance of the Eclat d'Arpege perfume, created with love and awe, is able to charm the lady of your heart. This delicate, perfectly chosen fragrance revives energy of joy and optimism. A Ukrainian girl from will be pleasantly surprised by this gift, and fascinated by his scent.

Arpege, aroma, full of love and tenderness, was created at the beginning of the last century, Jane Lanvin. Served as an inspiration to create a master piece love for his daughter Margaret. Her feelings, like flower bouquets are filled with gentle notes and tones. Who could imagine that the scent will get the glory for almost a century? Decades later, the updated version of the fragrance called Eclat D'Arpege again wins women's hearts. Delicate aroma starts sounding notes of lilac and Sicilian lemon, unabated, yield streng the sound peach, wisteria, red peony, Chinese osmanthus tea and green tea. The composition ends with a trio of white cedar of Lebanon, sweet musk and preciousamber.


Lanvin. Eclat D'Arpege 100ml

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Name Lanvin. Eclat D'Arpege 100ml
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Lanvin. Eclat D'Arpege 100ml

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