Christian Dior J'adore 75 ml

Christian Dior J'adore 75 ml

The name of this perfume itself, J'Adore, will tell your Ukrainian girlfriend from that you adore her! What else is needed in order a trembling woman's heart could be imbued with a reciprocal feeling to you? Happy smile will not go out of her face. She will adore everyone and everything around. She will forget about her loneliness, because she has you already.

Topnotes: mandarin,magnolia, ivy

Notesthe «heart»: Orchid,Rose, Violet

Endnotes: DamascusPlum, Amaranth Wood, Blackberry Musk

Energetic and feminine, J `Adore is worthy of close at tention.This is a fragrance for the modern city woman resourceful, he will emphasize its self-confidence and sensuality. On the advertising  model bathed in liquid gold — a way perfectly suited to this noble, luxurious and rich aroma, which continues the legendary perfume from Christian Dior. Nice floral bouquet J `Adore brings the joy of life and optimism. The notes are rose aroma, orchid and violet, combined with fruit and wood. J `Adore — the fragrance of adoration and worship.


Christian Dior J'adore 75 ml

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Name Christian Dior J'adore 75 ml
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Christian Dior J'adore 75 ml

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