Cacharel Amor Amor 50ml

Cacharel Amor Amor 50ml

French perfume Cacharel amor is a perfect gift for the most sensual and sexy girl. Regardless of age, a woman, who uses it, is always young and beautiful. This perfume combines contrasting ingredients and flavors that make it unique and complying with Amor title. Give a girl from Cacharel amor and she will be pleasantly surprised by such a pleasant gesture.

Flavor mellifluous name, its contents — disturbs the heart, causing it to beat more often in anticipation of a romantic rendezvous. Floral — fruity delight an unforgettable emotions comparable only to the recognition in the tender feelings, whispered in his ear. Perfect spring fragrance that fills the air the smell of love.


Cacharel Amor Amor 50ml

ID 87
Name Cacharel Amor Amor 50ml
Price 39 crd

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Cacharel Amor Amor 50ml

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