1001 White Roses

1001 White Roses

Bouquet of a thousand and one white roses is perfect. It is as perfect as perfect and innocent the woman, for whom this bouquet is meant, is. If you give a bouquet of a thousand and one roses as a gift to a Ukrainian bride from Osbride.com, it means that you are filled with admiration for her pristine beauty and heavenly purity whether you realize this or not. White roses are associated with the first snow; everyone enjoys and admires its purity and freshness. White roses are given as a gift in honor of such a light and perfect love.

Bouquet of white roses 1001. Bouquet features a decorative paper. Rose height of 40 cm


1001 White Roses

ID 80
Name 1001 White Roses
Price 375 crd

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1001 White Roses

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