159 Pink Roses

159 Pink Roses

Pink roses are a symbol of elegance, delicacy and taste. A bouquet of pink roses looks much softer than a bouquet of passionate and fiery red roses and, accordingly, expresses more affection. If a man likes a stylish, fashionable woman, who gained a good reputation in a society, then a gift of one hundred and fifty-nine roses will be the best choice. Your delicate Ukrainian lady from Osbride.com will be pleasantly surprised with your generosity, and will certainly understand the meaning of your message. Pink roses also express the three human emotions - joy, gratitude and pride.

Bouquet of 159 roses pink. Bouquet features a decorative paper. Rose height of 50 cm


159 Pink Roses

ID 76
Name 159 Pink Roses
Price 99 crd

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159 Pink Roses

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