Orchid in the set

Orchid in the set

Orchid is a flower of Love. It imparts tenderness, elegance and intimacy. This flower is customary to give only to the most beloved person. Not for nothing in the Middle Ages orchid was considered a gift of God to the lovers. The perfect combination of a beautiful orchid, sweet chocolates and a bottle of sparkling champagne will send your chosen one from Osbride.com into raptures! 
Gift set includes: 
1. Orchid in a flowerpot 1 piece. Color blooming orchids can be arbitrary. 
 2. A box of chocolates, weight 250 grams 
 3. A bottle of champagne 1 piece


Orchid in the set

ID 125
Name Orchid in the set
Price 40 crd

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Orchid in the set

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