Bear in the set

Bear in the set

A teddy bear surrounded by a bouquet of 21 roses, delicious cookie and the best champagne will be a great compliment to your lady from A teddy bear will delicately give everything mentioned to a Ukrainian girl, create positive emotions by its presence and make her smile. A teddy bear will become her favorite toy, because it was presented with great love and care. Do not stop to surprise your chosen one, because she is the most beautiful and wonderful woman!

Gift set includes:

1. Teddy bear. Height of 30 cm

2. Rose red 21 piece. Rose height not less than 40 cm

3. Box of cookies in a metal box, the weight of 250 grams

4. A bottle of champagne 1 piece


Bear in the set

ID 124
Name Bear in the set
Price 79 crd

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Bear in the set

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