Sweet Bear with Roses

Sweet Bear with Roses

A teddy bear is a true gentleman! And if he comes to a lady with a bouquet of red roses, this means he not only wants to please her, but also respire something intimate into her ear. But what exactly? Most likely that is some romantic message from a man in love. Do not worry, a teddy bear will cope with this task like no one else and tell her, the most beautiful Ukrainian woman from Osbride.com, what a man in love does not dare to tell.

Gift set includes:

1. Teddy bear. Height of 30 cm

2. Rose red 5 pieces. Rose height not less than 40 cm

3. Raffaello. Assorted chocolate candy in a carton box. Net weight of 150 grams


Sweet Bear with Roses

ID 123
Name Sweet Bear with Roses
Price 38 crd

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Sweet Bear with Roses

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