Nina Ricci Nina (apple) 50ml

Nina Ricci Nina (apple) 50ml

A modern interpretation of the classic fragrance Nina Ricci Nina (apple) is addressed to young, graceful, and energetic girls. If your Ukrainian lady from is active and young, this perfume will only accentuate these good points. Giving this perfume as a gift to a girl, you hereby show how romantic, charming and attractive she is in your eyes.

Top notes: lemon, lime

Notes the «heart»: Peony, Praline

End notes: musk, Tui, hardwood apple

Nina by Nina Ricci — a modern fairy tale. It is intended for all young girls who love surprises and romance. She lives in a fantasy world, but now it's time to realize her dreams into reality with the help of this magical fragrance envelops its possessor aura seduction, charm and femininity. Perfume starting notes of Calabrian lemon and lime,turning to the «heart» of a red apple, vanilla, peony petals and lunotsveta.«Base»is made up of apple wood, cotton musk and white cedar. Bottle in the shape of an apple is made of soft pink glass and decorated with silver leaves.


Nina Ricci Nina (apple) 50ml

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Name Nina Ricci Nina (apple) 50ml
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Nina Ricci Nina (apple) 50ml

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